Monday, May 27, 2013

Cat Tale

We leave the blubbering mess that was the last post to report good news. Sort of. William had just gone home and I walked down front of my house and saw Nash walking with a woman and a little boy on their way to the laundromat.

"Is that your cat?" I asked, and she answered "No...he just sort of started following us..." She also said she thought he belonged to people in the next block.

I snatched him up, telling him how worried I'd been about him. I gave him a celebratory dinner. I felt bad that I couldn't keep him, but I was glad to see that he was okay.

Later that evening, a neighbor guy showed up. He's seen me hunting that cat, and wanted to report that he'd found it at his house under his porch. I said, "Well, he belongs somewhere over on the next block, I heard..."

He pondered this.

He said, "If that cat comes out, and lets me catch him, I'm bringing it in."

And off he went.

That never occurred to me: that I could just bring him in, even if he belonged to someone else. He'd be safer inside, to be sure. I'm not going to say that my neighbor is doing a wrong thing.

I just wish that I had thought of it first.

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