Saturday, May 4, 2013

and then the miracle happened...

William was running after me down the hall. He loves to help, and I was going to do laundry. I'm not sure what the little snickerdoodle did, but there was a thunk and he was flat on his back looking up at me with a amazed look that swiftly turned to pure hysteria.

I picked up one screaming child in footy pajamas and looked for damage. Seeing none, I attempted to console him, but this was a major outrage, and required a protracted and dramatic bout of screaming. So I went from room to room with a boy screaming on one arm, grabbing laundry with the other.

I hauled it downstairs, still with screaming child.

Threw it in the washer, added the soap. All this normally fascinates William and he's helping to stuff the clothes in or to add the soap, talking a mile a minute, but he was pretty upset, so he just sat on the edge of the washer, as I did it all one handed, the other hand wrapped around his taut and outraged person. He calmed down enough to shut the lid for me.

We went upstairs.

After some cuddling on the couch, William did settle down. He helped me get the next load of laundry ready, but his parents came to take him home before the cycle ended.

When I heard the buzzer, I went downstairs, switched the loads out, noticing how much easier it is to do that when you have two hands. I started the dryer and turned to the washer. I immediately heard some very loud clunking. I simultaneously thought, "What the..." even as my mind screamed "OH NO!"

I had washed my cell phone. My cheap little Tracfone with 400 min. I stuck it in a bag of rice. Our stepson suggested putting it on the dash of a car. (Thanks Mike!) I did.

I cleaned an apartment today. I should have stayed home, because I missed the divine intervention. There were probably angels and everything. I opened the car door, grabbed the rice and cell phone from the dash. I popped the battery in, and...the cell phone works.


It's kind of like when the Red Sea parted. But different.


WhiteStone said...

Plunked mine in the ocean once. Grabbed it, hastily removed the battery (it was vibrating like crazy!), quickly rinsed the salt water off under the faucet, stuck it and the battery in the oven with the oven light heat other than the light. Twenty-four hours later it worked! Sunny car dash works, too. I was very fond of that old phone but finally, years later, upgraded to more "modern". lol

Caroline said...

My phone swam in a pool of water in my purse for 30 minutes, dried out and worked like a charm. Another time I dropped it in the ocean and that was the end of it.

Kelly said...

Yay! Glad it worked! (I've known of others who used the "rice" method successfully).