Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tim has questions.

Last fall, Tim had received a gift card to a fancy-dancy restaurant. We'd never used it. Today we decided to do just that.

Tim said, "On the way up, why don't we stop and look at that chair that you like for the livingroom?"
I've been looking for an upholstered wing back chair for quite a while, but our couch is kind of busy (see above) not to be confused with the busy grandson (also see above). I just happened to stop into this 'junk' store and found two of them, matching chairs in a mossy silver green color that will match with the couch.

When Tim saw them, he liked them too, although he said, "Green? Our couch has green in it?"

He asks the most bizarre questions, sometimes.

I was showing him something else when he saw it, a long table under a pile of junk in a corner. We could see carving and a pedestal beneath it. It was a old table, probably 5 feet long. The veneer is damaged on the top, but Tim had just seen an program on the DIY network and was excited to try stripping the veneer. I liked it immediately. It looks (to me) as if it was a table that came out of a church somewhere.

Tim asked another bizarre question. "Where would you put it?" The obvious answer is (of course) that it is a lovely piece of furniture and we'll find the perfect place for it.

Of course, it had no price on it. I went off to find the proprieter, who came back and acted a little surprised that there WAS a table underneath everything. He pondered it and said, "Okay, $29." I was a bit incredulous since he has some really cheaply put together stuff at what I consider to be exorbitant prices. I looked at Tim. He looked at me. "We'll take it," he said, "and we'll take one of those chairs over there."

Checking out, I saw, of all things a set of baoding balls in a display. I got excited, since these are a good therapy tool and I have two clients that I can think of off hand that would benefit from these. I asked about them, and the guy said, "I'll tell you what...$3.00."

Tim had another question: "What do you need those for?"

We went out for a steak dinner, I noticed that when the man has a belly full of beef, he stops asking questions.


BUSH BABE said...

Of COURSE you will find a place for it... it wouldn't have spoken out to you if you DIDN'T need it, would it now? Loved this post. Sorry I've missed a few - been MIA as you know. At the beach. I know. Save the sympathy.


Debby said...

I tried to think of sympathetic words, but sadly, none came to me.

I also understand why you raise beef. Mr I does not ask a lot of questions either, does he?