Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I caught one heck of a cold in February, the 22nd to be precise. On March 13th, I sought medical attention, and hard the argument with the Physcian's Assistant who decided that I was an abuser of antibiotics, having had a prescription of them the previous May.

After a bit of debate, I walked out of there with my prescription for antibiotic, and although I had asked not to get amoxicillin, which historically does not work for me, she wrote me out a prescription for a derivative of it.

I did begin to feel better, but once the antibiotic was stopped, my sinus symptoms and cough returned, and in my lackadaisical way, I decided that I didn't feel like arguing with this woman, and due to her interactions with Tim during his last situation, we decided that it was time to move onto a new doctor. Except that I didn't look for one. (I'm a busy woman.)

I got good and sick and wound up with another prescription of antibiotics for a long term sinus ailment.

You know, I finished that antibiotic, and once again, those symptoms are creeping back. I'm not sure what this is, but it appears to be immortal.


Linda G. said...

I hope you are prescribed a med that works for you! Feel better, Debby.

BB said...

Oh no - feel better soon!

quid said...

A good ENT will tell you that you can't clear up most sinus infections (when they recur again and again) with one antibiotic. I finally got rid of mine when he hit it from 3 different directions with 3 different antibiotics, back to back.

The best part, tho, is that he did stop them from happening by investigating my sinuses (no deviations, etc.) and allergy testing. The allergies I had developed were not bad enough for shots, just for endless sinus infections.

And so, a hepa filter run at night, a daily dose of zyrtec, and here I am, some 20 years later.
I think I've had one or two sinus infections in the past decade.

Worth a shot. ENT.