Monday, April 8, 2013

Beauteous table

This is the table that we got for $29.
 Isn't it gorgeous?

 It will take a while to get all the dust off, but I'm working on it.
 Isn't the detail just gorgeous?
I'm in love with this table.
I know exactly where it is going.
What a find!
Tim loves this old dead tree. It is right next to the house we just bought. Nature boy is going to leave it there for all the birds.

He really loves this house.  It will take a while to make this live-able, but he adores it. He gets the same look in his eye that I get when I talk about the house that I love so much.

We are, unfortunately, talking about two different houses.

It was much, much easier when we were in love with the same house.


Shanee said...

I agree it is beauteous! What a great deal!

A Novel Woman said...

Oh my, I have table envy. It looks like oak!

Debby said...

Walnut, NW. If you ever come visit, I shall have to watch Bob the buffalo and the table very closely, lest they wind up in a suitcase...


BB said...

That would be SOME suitcase!! TEll Tim if he lived in our state, houses beside creeks are worth very little. They tend to float away.
(Did that help?)

Caroline said...

That is an amazing table for $29. You can absolutely find a space for that in any house. In fact I could easily find a space for it in MY house. LOL

Kelly said...

That table is wonderful!!! What a great find!

Just be careful where that tree might end up if a wind takes it down.

Anonymous said...

My Mother had a table a lot like this when I was growing up and the person that had to do most of the dusting on Sat. morning. One morning I sit under th table dusting away when I got the idea to print my name under the the table top, it is still there to this day. I hated to dust those table legs. After her death I took the table for a while but never really had a place for it, Now my daughter has it, she lives in an older house with big rooms and it looks really nice in her house.ellie

Debby said...

Ellie, your story made me laugh, envisioning you as a little girl beneath the table scrawling your name. Is it still there? What a tale for your daughter to tell your grandbabies. Kelly, the new house is on a 3+ acre house, and the tree is too far away. If it falls, there will be no damage to the house or to electric lines. No, BB, it does not help. (See e-mail...)

Debby said...

The rest of you? If we wind up downsizing, I'll have to get rid of my treasures...and I have kids who hate antiques. I really don't want to downsize.

quid said...

$29! A steal!!!!!!

And you and Tim are torn between two houses. Better than torn between two lovers.

Great post. That tree looks older than me.


Scotty said...

$29? What a bargain! It's gorgeous. :-)

ellie k said...

Yes Debby my name is on that table until someone sands it off. crayons tend to stay a long time on bare wood and the bottom of the table is not finished. My daughter likes to tell the story about her table and I think she hates to dust it as much as I did.