Friday, March 29, 2013

William visits.

I first saw them being used with developmentally disabled adults, and they love these things.
I couldn't wait to try them out with William. I spent about $5 for this batch. They say that these will last up to four years.

He adored them. We just put a couple old shower curtains on the floor and went to it.
That's mildew.
(That's why we don't use those old shower curtains anymore.)
Ree's not the only one who keeps things real.
He played for a good long time and then began to get a little fretful.
I thought he was going to take a nap.
Silly me.
This is the card board tube that our new livingroom rug came wrapped around.
(If you look carefully, you'll get glimpses of that rug.)
 You put a ball or a small car in one end of that tube,
and it rolls out the other end
and shoots across the livingroom and into the library.
This is hysterically funny stuff when you are two.
...and requires a small boy to jump off the couch,
run across the livingroom and into the library,
greeting the buffalo and the deer every single time.
Bob's fairly easy to get along with.
He's heard, "Hi buff-lo!" a couple dozen times.
He just patiently responds with "Hi, William."
Buck's not so patient. You can see he's getting annoyed.
"Cripes. Is that little critter ever going to run out of steam?"
William's off the couch and on the move once more.
He's got taxidermy to greet and toys to collect.
He starts winding down. We read a story.
The idea of a monster in the bathtub doesn't interest him,
but William falls asleep anyway.


jeanie said...

It is a blessing that toddler batteries eventually need recharging!

Carol Alex said...

What a cute little guy William is. We have a DGD that is 16 months old and so much fun to have around. I babysit while she works quite often and read a lot of books to her. They are fun to have around. I really like your blog, Carol Alex

Caroline said...

Can I be your grandchild? Too much fun!

Caroline said...

So much fun! Where did you buy aqua beads?

Debby said...

I bought aqua beads at the Dollar Tree. Our store has them in the plant section. They also hae disposible vases so that you can buy the gems in different colors.

Yes. You can be my grandchild. Today we are building block towers and knocking them down with a ball. He cried the first time they fell over, but now he's quite excited about the process and says, "Fall down again?" Just remember, no matter how much fun we have, you'll have to take an afternoon nap. I need you to.

Welcome Carol Alex!

William IS adorable. There is always something fun to do.

Kelly said...

Hey, you don't have to be 2 to enjoy Pooh Bear.

Debby said...

Yes. You are correct Kelly. I am a great fan of the Pooh. I recently found an old "When We Were Very Young" with the drawings and line pictures by Mr. Shepherd. The book was sans cover and no one could understand my excitement over finding it. I can cut out the pictures and frame them, and put them in the playroom!

Linda G. said...

You made the day fun for your grandson. It sounds like you had fun too.