Saturday, March 23, 2013

Restore our funding!

The agency I work for is set to lose millions of dollars in state support due to budget cuts.

It's a hard thing. I see plenty of good that comes from my job, but because I am a practical and thrifty person, I see lots of ways that we could do it better, and cheaper. Because I am a taxpayer, I believe we have a responsibility to be wise with our spending.

The governor of New York has suggested that we cut some of our administrative costs. I think this is a valid point.

All employees have been urged to write a letter to their representative or the governor, to make their feelings known.

At one of the facilities I work at, a letter was created and taken to all the rooms and the employees were told to sign it. Everyone did, except for one woman. In listening to her defense, it sounds like we share similar views. If I had been cornered, I probably would have said the same thing she did, which amounted to "Hey, wait a minute. I don't sign anything I haven't read."

I felt badly for her. People were mad. "You don't even care enough to save our jobs?" Stuff like that. She tried to explain. She gave a very intelligent defense, talking about medicare cuts in other states, and the ramifications of those, but no one was listening, and as people stormed around her doing their jobs, she looked awkward and uncomfortable. I made an extra effort to be kind. My own experiences have taught me how important a kind word is. (And, although I have not written about them, people have been so very kind to me...I am loved)

It's an uncertain time for the agency and it will be interesting to see how it pans out. Someone put together a video which was delivered to the Governor's office in Albany. A number of clients were recorded, each of them saying, "Restore our funding!" It was fun to see the faces of people that I work with and that I care about deeply. My favorite was an enthusiastic woman who speaks very loudly. She looked at the camera and bellowed "Restore our bunny!"


quid said...

Still we struggle to get the fractured economy going again.

While corporate profits soar.



jeanie said...

Oh yes - budget cuts - there does come a point where its not "fat" that is being cut, but actual service and yet they do not see...