Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Private party

My cold is on the down hill, but I am still sick. Now, Tim is sick as well, poor guy. Since he was sick, we got to spend a quiet and relaxing weekend, together. Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Coming home from work yesterday, I saw a man holding a sign for $10.99 hair cuts at a new shop. It was raining and I'm sure that it wasn't comfortable. I felt kind of bad for him.

Until I saw his face.

He had a broad smile on his face and he waved his sign at people and he waved his hand enthusiastically. He looked like he was having his own private party on the street corner.

I found myself watching him in a wondering sort of a way. It was if he had some secret knowledge of something that I had no clue of.

I was shocked to discover that I was a little envious.

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