Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Catching you up...

Commenters are going to notice that I have enabled comment moderation. I had to. More and more spam is getting through, which was annoying, but the spam is increasingly obscene. I'd had enough. So, sorry, folks, but it's how it is.

I had William overnight, and we had fun. Today we took some big rubber bands I'd been saving from a long line of punching balloons. I tied them over a tin box, with varying degrees of tightness, and he strummed away, happily, making 'moosic'. We colored and did a puzzle, and practiced counting. We watched Winnie the Pooh.

I did a double cardio in addition to the weight training today. I feel worn and weary, but in a good way.

I'm applying for jobs, and surprisingly, am finding things, including one job that I am excited about. It would be a challenge, but in an arena where I have been very successful before.

I have made up my mind to apply at the local steel mill as well. I figure that if I'm not meant to be a COTA, I'll wind up at the steel mill. I'm a hard worker. I understand hard work. I'd also be working with primarily men, and the thing about men is that if you just work hard, you've got their respect. When you work with women, there's all this other stuff that, to be honest, I don't understand.

I will be working at my present job full time for 6 weeks filling in for a girl while she's on maternity leave. After that, I'll return to my 13 hours a week. I'm hopeful by then that I'll know what my next step will be. It makes me very sad, because I love my job very much. Get huge personal satisfaction from doing it. But, like I said, where I wind up is where I'm meant to be. That's how I am going to look at it.

We had an unexpected offer. One of our tenants wants to buy one of our houses. It has three apartments. He will live in one, his ex-mother in law in another, and his wife and child in another. The child will always be home, and there will always be someone to be with her. It's an unusual situation, but how lovely for the child. I'm sure that it is difficult for the parents, but they are united by their love for this child, and Tim and I are so touched by this that we have agreed to sell.

So that's it really.


Bob said...

Hope "comment moderation" doesn't filter me out! I think you are taking a good and sensible approach. Praying for you.

quid said...

Fingers crossed on something turning up for you as a COTA!


jeanie said...

I love the house story!! You will use your skills, Debby, no matter how it ends up being used, you are a therapist!

BB said...

Come on Universe - make the most of our Deb!! :-)