Thursday, February 28, 2013


Just before Christmas, my sister and I divvied up family photographs from my mother's house and we gave them to the nieces and nephews. The more valuable pictures were put on a CD. They were the old ones, pictures of people gone on, pictures that could not be replaced. Each niece and each nephew received a box of family pictures and the CD.

One of my nephews said, "I was hoping that there would be pictures of me as a baby. I have no pictures of myself when I was a baby." His mother dealt with hard times, and there were a lot of moves, and chaos. I never really thought of it. I did not know. That sister was alienated from the family for many years.

He went on: "I've asked everybody. There are pictures of my sister, but no one has pictures of me."

"I have pictures of you. I know that I do." And I did. I remembered coming home on leave from Basic Training. I remembered going to visit them. I remembered the pictures.

I've been looking for those pictures. Unsuccessfully. Until today.

I found a picture of me holding a baby, and it was James. Sweet baby James. Excitedly, I ran through the pictures, pulling them out of the book. There are not a lot of them, but there they are. Pictures of a smiling baby, his grin as unmistakable then as it is today. I have 13 pictures that document his first year.

Slim pickings, but for a 30 year old man who has no pictures of himself as a baby, these will be precious. Treasures.

I clutched those pictures close with a prayer of thanksgiving.

I headed directly to the computer and I messaged him. "James! I found something for you today."


KarenTX said...

Awww girl, that made me cry! What a precous gift you have for him.

Scotty said...

Aaaw, that's great, Debby; he'll remember that act of kindness for a long time, I reckon.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to find the pics and for James to have a really special a aunt. He will be so pleased with it. One year ago today the dr. told us Ron has lung cancer, today all tests show that he is cancer free and healthy. God is so good, thank you for your concern and prayers. ellie

jeanie said...

That is wonderful! I have seen about a half-dozen photos of me in my first few years - when film had to be sent away for processing, cameras didn't abound as they do today.

quid said...

How exciting for him, after all this time. I'm glad you found them.


WhiteStone said...

The keeper of memories! So glad you were able to do this for your nephew. And kudos for making copies of the family photos for all. Bless you, Debbie.

BUSH BABE said...

How wonderful for him!

Nancy's Point said...

How great that you found some pictures for him. This is a timely post for me to read today as I was just yesterday going through boxes of old photos looking for some of my mom. I wish I had more, but sadly, I don't have many, especially from the earlier days when I was growing up. One regret I do have is that I don't have many photos taken of her and me together. And none during "that time." Anyway, love old photos. Good for you for helping out!