Tuesday, March 26, 2013


My junkmail runneth over. I get tons of stuff through yahoo. Women who call me 'bunny' and claim to be horny and want to chat with me right away. Same letter sent by scores of women with exotic sounding names.

There's another that came to me today entitled 'Hallo lad, how are you bearing up?'

There's the daily barrage of 'how to add inches PERMANENTLY', and 'how to make women want you'. Don't forget the viagra offers that come in 10 or so a day.

Sweet gosh all Friday! My name is Debby. Does that not mean ANYTHING????!!!!


Caroline said...

You need a better spam filter on your email. Check your antivirus and see if it is set to filter your email. Also check your email provider and see if the filters are set there as well. Good luck!

BUSH BABE said...

You make me laugh... spam does not differentiate on gender apparently. Or brains. :-)