Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm Back.

I'm not a football fan, truth be told, but Tim is.

Long before there was me in his life, he and his friend had a tradition to watch the superbowl together. Nowadays, we alternate houses. One year we go to Dean and Marsha's. The next year they come to ours. You can't tamper with tradition, so this year we went to their house.

Now usually, I just watch for the commercials, but this year was different. The game was a runaway in the beginning, Baltimore soundly trouncing San Francisco. I watched the commercials as usual. But then in the third quarter, San Francisco seemed to wake up and notice they were on a football field, scoring two touch downs in short order and changing the whole game.

Lucky the game was good, because the commercials weren't so great. Go Daddy came up with probably the ickiest commercial I've ever seen. There was a simultaneous 'ewwwwww....' heard around the room.

But there were some good commercials. However, here are my three top picks.

Number 3: This one just made me giggle.

Number 2: Doritos? If I was not on a quest to be skinny, and doing so stinking well at it, I'd buy a bag of Doritos. You folks were on a roll.

Number 1: Doritos did not take top honors. This is perhaps my all time favorite commercial. Made me cry.

Since beer triggers migraines for me, well, I won't be buying your product, but, gosh. You do good advertising, people.

I just got my computer back after taking it to the shop last week. Good old Dan waved his magic wand and fixed it. Yet again. At some point, I'll feel confident enough to repopulate my address book. Again, anyone who was affected by this, I'm very sorry.

You know, yesterday, I was ironing. When I went to put the things in the closet, I noticed a pair of pants hanging there. I'd bought them, and they were my size, according to the tag anyway, but they were just tight enough in the hips that they looked funny. I've been working out for only two weeks , but I've been working hard. Yesterday I did a 450 calorie workout.

I studied those pants, and I felt stupid, but I tried them on anyway. They fit. In fact, a coworker who knows that I've been working out said, "Wow. Let's hear it for baggy pants!~"

Moments like that are the ones that provide the drive to keep on keeping on.


Kelly said...

You chose two of my favorites as well. I loved the Doritos goat and the Budweiser Clydesdale!

Bob said...

The Dodge Ram spot about farmers was pretty good too. And it wasn't a commercial but the children from Sandy Hook Elem. singing America the Beautiful during pre-game was probably my favorite thing of the entire event.

Debby, this is probably selfish of me but I hope the new life in your computer brings my blog back to life for you!

Anonymous said...

Debby, I agree on the super bowl commercials ! The paper today said the clydesdale foal was 3 weeks old named Hope. We are taking our computer to Dan this fri so he can fix ours too! Congrats on your weight loss and thanks for inspiring me to keep on my weight watchers program. Debbie L.