Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bob and Buck Weigh In

We live in a lovely, large house. I love my house. But...we have no central heat. Not yet. Probably this year. We make do with natural gas heaters for every room. Turn them on when we're in the room, off when we are not. It works pretty well, but one thing that I don't like is that the floors are cold. Even with socks and slippers, the floors are cold.

The logical thing would be to put rugs down. Tim and I have been debating this issue for some time now. He nearly killed himself refinishing the hardwood floors and he wants them displayed in all their glory. And they are glorious, don't get me wrong. Just...cold.

So anyhoo, we've been debating this since last year, and hadn't really reached a solution. He says no. I say but. And then he tells me that he loves the floors. I tell him my feet are cold. He tells me to wear shoes. Around and around it goes. No real resolution. For two years. But who's counting. Besides me.

Anyways, we happened to be at Lowes. They had some rugs on clearance. I pointed them out to Tim. "You know," I said, "this would look very nice in the library, and I really think that the rug would show off the hardwood floors..." Much to my surprise, Tim stopped. He said, "Well, the price is right..." We bought a rug. (One room down, 12 to go....)
Buck and Bob watch us working. Buck says, "I don't know...I think it's going to detract from the floor. Bob wisely holds his counsel until the rug is down.

They study the rug as Tim tells me that he thinks I was right about the rug. They do not detract from the wood floors at all, and it makes the room look very cozy.
Bob and Buck decide that if they had feet, they'd appreciate the new rug even more.


BUSH BABE said...

That made me laugh... hang on. They don't REALLY talk... do they?

Kelly said...

I love Buck and Bob!

We mostly have ducks on our walls, but the lone deer did wear a santa hat at Christmas.