Monday, February 11, 2013

Bad day.

The perfect job that I had? The full time hours have been cut back to two days a week. I am an occupational therapy assistant, a COTA. I am supervised by an OTR, a registered Occupational Therapist. Two of three Occupational Therapists left within a week of each other. The one remaining therapist is now overseeing everything. She says that I require too much supervision. I've been cut back.

It's embarrassing and humiliating. It also breaks my heart a little. I tried really hard.


Snoskred said...

I don't think this is about you at all. Especially not when taking the previous things you have said into consideration.

I worked at a place once and they fired me on the last day of my 3 month probation, telling me it was because of my attitude, behaviour, etc. When I asked for examples of this, they had none. When I asked why nobody had spoken to me about this before now, they had nothing to say.

Despite that, I took it somewhat personally. I did not believe a word of what they said, but I did think maybe they just did not like me, and that changed me as a person for the next few jobs I held.

I went off and found a better job which paid a lot more working for the parent company of the company that fired me.

About 3 months after that, someone who worked with me at the parent company went to work for the company that fired me. I told them what happened to me but I never thought the same thing would happen to him. Sure enough, the last day of his probation, he got fired too, given all the same reasons I was. And while he was there it had happened to a couple of other people.

Turns out you only got paid your commissions once you finished the probation. They owed me $5 grand in commissions. They did not want to pay it, so they fired me and many others. They did end up getting into a whole lot of trouble over it, eventually. But most people did not complain, they just moved on to another job.

Unfortunately that experience had long lasting fallout for me.

For a while, I did not put myself out there - I withdrew into myself. I did not allow my personality to show. This went on for a couple of years. It was awful. I still struggle with it now, I tend to withdraw within myself when I feel I can't trust the people around me.

Whatever you do, do not allow what they have said to you to set you back. You do not require too much supervision, and I think you know that in your heart, right?

I could say all the cliches like when one door closes another one opens - this has always been the case for me - but they don't make you feel any better right when it happens.

Keep going, one foot in front of the other, keep looking for that right place where you fit.

Bob said...

Oh Debby this breaks my heart too. All I can say is that in the years I have followed your blog I have had the privilege of witnessing you overcome many obstacles. You will overcome this one. I am sure of it. But right now it hurts. Prayers for you.

BUSH BABE said...

Oh hon. Hugs!!!

jeanie said...

"The one remaining therapist is now overseeing everything. She says that I require too much supervision." - do not for ONE INSTANCE that this statement has ANYTHING to do with your performance or your work capability or in any way your requirement of supervision. What this really says is "you arseholes want me to do the work of three therapists and supervise and the only power that I have (short of walking away) is to demand that they hurt that little bit more in the services that they can offer by being able to offer you up on a platter with the words "I require too much supervision." and reducing their amazing OT team to her against the world..." or diatribes to that effect.

I have confidence in your future, Debbie.

Kelly said...

I totally agree with what Bob said!


KarenTX said...

I agree with the folks who are saying that it's not you! It's their problem, not yours. Stupid people.

Cappy said...

How is cutting back your hours helping the one OTR that has to now do the work of three?

I agree with the others - it's not about you...

My sister is an OTR. She has worked in rehab hospitals, nursing homes, and the school system. For all its headaches, she likes working w/ the kids in the school systems the best. She loves working w/ the autistic kids.

Just a thought...

A Novel Woman said...

I don't think this is a reflection on you or your work. Just keep doing your personal best, which is probably better than most, and you will be recognized. Or, another way to put it, don't let the bastards get you down.