Saturday, January 19, 2013

Useful things that I have learned this past week.

Tablets are flipping frustrating to type on. Inadvertent finger twitches cause the thing to go crazy. I never realized that I had inadvertent finger twitches before.

Cara thinks that  "Soft Kitty" song is a cure all for all frustrations, but I find that it's got its limitations. Fer instance, when one has discovered that she has inadvertent finger twitches. Then the song is just irritating. So stop singing it at me, Cara. Now.

There are worse things than a washer that is noisy when it spins. That would be a washer that is quiet because it no longer spins. But I have a new washer coming tomorrow. I haven't met it. Tim picked it out.

Bob commented that I've come a long way. You know, I think I have. There is a certainty that no matter what happens during the course of a day, at the end of that day, I will still be standing. I will go in, and I will try my best, and my best might not always be enough, but I will learn from the experience. Just like everyone else in this world.

Today is Cara's 23rd birthday, and she is home for the weekend. These days are rare and I do not take them for granted.


Snoskred said...

I think Bob is 100% right - and furthermore, it has been a glorious thing to sit by and watch your journey going from there to where you are now.

Your journey has inspired me to push myself out of my own comfort zone - at first just occasionally, but then to declare a tough resolution - to do it constantly throughout this next year.

I'm hopeful by the end of 2013 I'll have done a similar thing and be able to look back and say wow, I have come a long way..

So please to note: not only are you making a difference in your work place, but via your blog making a difference in the lives of people on the total other side of the world whom you have never once met. :)

jeanie said...

23 is an AWESOME number!!! I did big things at 23.

She also shares a birthday with a friend of mine, who is exactly 27 years older than her.

If Soft Kitty doesn't work for you, try Train Whistle Blowing...

BUSH BABE said...

Awww... snoskred's comment made me well a little. Too true!

As Jeanie has mentioned Train Whistle Blowing (aka Morning Town Ride) is a favourite soothing song in our homes.

And yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARA. 23 was a CRACKER of a year as far as I recall. I headed off to another state on a big adventure as a news photographer... most excellent times. We look forward to YOUR adventure, Cara!

Debby said...

Wow. Thanks you guys. It is a strange feeling to be sitting here feeling very quiet on the inside. I like that feeling very much, actually. I realized that for a very strong person, there was a lot that I was afraid of. Snoskred, I will join you in your resolution. If you wish to exchange short daily e-mails, a sentence even that demonstrates how we kept that resolution, I am willing.

Cara's 23rd year will be one last year of book crunching and paper writing and the trials of coping with college students gone amok, but I've no doubt that she will endure admirably with her eyes fixed on her 24th year.

Train Whistle Blowing? Is this a sound, or a song, or... maybe I need a link.

BUSH BABE said...
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BUSH BABE said...

First line of the The Seekers song:

Best pre-sleep song ever!