Thursday, January 24, 2013


Well, today was a day of discoveries, alright.

Remember the pants I lost? Well, I found 'em finally. I must have changed clothes and laid them on the bed, because I found those pants and a sweater that I didn't notice was gone between the mattress and the footboard. Yay.

I worked out today. I was trudging along at a 3 mph pace on the treadmill, and some very physically fit man was running next to me. I mean, he was FLYING. He'd run like none other, and then he'd slow down. Next thing you know he's running again, feet pounding at an incredible rate. Then he'd slow down. I looked over at him, and and wanted to kick him in his ridiculously low BMI butt, but decided that it was nothing more than jealousy on my part.

Tomorrow, after work, I will work out again.


Bob said...

I am glad you didn't hit him. You'll be racing him soon. I'm sure of it.

jeanie said...

Nothing like founding lost clothes you didn't realise were gone - sort of a bonus.

The main thing to do in a gym is ignore the neighbours - at least for the first few months. I always found this easy - a bonus of myopia is when you take your glasses off, you can't see how fast anyone else is running! (Another bonus is when you put the glasses back on, the whole world seems a lot clearer.)

A Novel Woman said...

As I recall, the TURTLE won the race and lived happily ever after while the rabbit got shin splints, wicked thigh chafing and eventually died of stress, albeit with buns of steel. I think that's how it went.

Anonymous said...
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Debby said...

Well, okay then. No glasses and I'm a turtle!