Monday, December 10, 2012

This was a goooooood day....

You know, I get exasperated with myself sometimes. Today, I drove home from work thinking, "I'll bet I did not keep those stencils." I needed them. I am teaching a woman to write her name, and I thought that if I began with manipulatives, she'd learn the letters of her name first and then we could focus on drawing those letters later.

Guess what? I did keep those letters. I knew exactly where they were, too. Yay me.

I tend to set stuff down and lose stuff too, but I found stuff today.

I found my favorite clip board. We change cars on a fairly regular basis, and I thought it was in a car that is in storage. Nope. I had it.

 I also found my box of colored pencils, a stack of laminating sheets, a tablet of stickers that I can use for rewards and fine motor activities. I also found the Christmas pictures I took of William, and two hole punches.

I expect to find a partridge in a pear tree shortly.

I packed my finds into a large bag that two friends had brought me a long time back, when I was still confronting cancer, before one of those friends got it, before she died of it. I remembered.

As I put my things in the bag, I mentally listed the things that I could use these items for. They are ordinary, but each one of them could address skills that my clients need to work on. I kept marveling at my finds. "Wow. It's kind of like I already have everthing I'm ever going to need to do this job."

It wasn't until after I was laying in bed that I realized that this could be a metaphor. I do have everything I need to do this job, despite my worst fears. I've had it all along.


Anonymous said...

I knew that too Deb. Glad you are enjoying it - you deserve it. Love Mx

quid said...

Cool post. Good finds.

I keep finding things I bought for people for Christmas... 3 or 4 years ago.


Bill of Wasilla said...

So good to have had a good day. Glad your past battles have brought you to this day.

jeanie said...

Yay - don't you love it when the plan that comes together is yours?

KarenTX said...

Google had a hiccup, so here I go again! Yes, you always have and I'm SO glad you realize it! The statement about the partridge in the pear tree brought a laugh/snort! Now could you come find the Christmas cards I bought last year?