Monday, December 10, 2012

The Weekend

I'm living in the middle of wonderful, beautiful heartwarming stories. I'm so lucky. All I ever wanted was for my life to make a difference. To know that it is...overwhelming.

Having a professional job is a great thing, but what I'm loving even more than the pay raise is that I once again have weekends off. This weekend, Tim and I worked on an apartment. We went Christmas shopping, roaming and discussing, in no particular rush. We found some really great gifts that we're excited about. We came home and wrapped aforementioned gifts. Well. I wrapped. He got up on commercials and carried the stacks into the library to put under the tree.

Yesterday, my friend Mary did a Holly Home Tour, and Bush Babe? You will be pleased to know that you nearly got me in great trouble. One of the homes had the sweetest child's bedroom, with a painted dresser and a bed which was built into a cedar shingled doll house. It was grand. I had my camera tucked away in the pocket of my red wool coat and when I whipped it out, I discovered no photography was permitted inside the homes.


It was a fun day, walking to the homes, being welcomed in, meeting people I'd not seen for such a long time (hello, Vickie, I'm in the phone book, call me maybe.) It was wonderful to see Mary again. Cancer seems like such a long time ago, for both of us.

Just having two whole days that belong to Tim and I, that we can spend however we please...that seems luxurious, right there.

Truth does not change. Truth is always going to be correct, no matter how you look at it. I have discovered a great truth which I wish to share. When you have an itch, cortisone cream helps a lot. If you have an itch and you grab the familiar red tube out of the bureau drawer in the bathroom, and use it without reading, because, once again, your glasses are not handily placed upon your head, and discover in short order that you have two familiar red tubes in the bureau drawer in the bathroom, one of cortisone cream, and one of muscle rub, well...let me just say, the two are not interchangeable.


Bob said...

Debby, I would submit your life made a difference long before this job but once again, I am immensely happy for you.

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Leenie said...

Nothing like a whole weekend to spend on your own projects. Know about the tube mix-up, except mine was muscle rub and toothpaste. Woke me right up and I put new toothbrush on my shopping list.