Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Two days a week, I drive an hour and 20 minutes to get to work. Ironically, that particular clinic is in the town where I was born. I've not been there in years, so I needed to google the shortest route. I printed off the two pages of instructions.

I did not know how simple it would be when I set out, which caused me to be so mindful of the road that I missed a great deal of the scenery. Turned out that those 2 pages of instructions could have been summed up into 2 sentences: 62 N to 60 N. Turn left just before you drive into Lake Erie.

The drive home was beautiful, because I did not have to worry about road signs and directions. I drove along the lake enthralled by view, gazing out across the white capped water made gray by the leaden snow clouds above it. I was sorry not to have my camera. I saw a castle like building set back facing the lake, and further down, there was a gazebo peaking from a small cliff. There were vineyards everywhere. When I was a baby, my parents earned extra money by clipping the grapes, hauling the grapes in one basket and me in another. I drove along, looking and daydreaming, and suddenly I realized I was in a town I hadn't driven through that morning. Yep. I was so intent on the scenery that I missed my turn and managed to add an additional half hour to my drive home that night.

The job is challenging, but I will come to love it. I can see that already.


Scotty said...

Cool! You'll take a camera with you sometime?


jeanie said...

There are some drives that you just have to enjoy - there is one on the way over to BushBabes and Bx's neck of the woods that is awesome, but I know that cameras couldn't do it justice.

BB said...

Oh you could TRY you two... honestly Jeanie - you and I: camera lessons!!

Sounds magical Deb - glad you enjoyed getting lost (always the best way to find things!).