Monday, November 19, 2012

Edited for your entertainment

Remember that I took the second shift job back in May to be on the same shift as Tim? We had a couple weeks together, and then he got moved to first shift? So now I'm working first shift? Today he started second shift.

Today was my last day of work at the house where I've been working. I've worked extra hard (9 straight days in a row, getting up at 4:25 every day) so that I could have this week to prepare for the holidays. I know it will be totally worth it. But tonight, I'm tired. I'm going to watch "The Straight Story", and then go to bed early.

And no. I haven't found the stupid phone yet.


jeanie said...

Yay for 6 days straight!!!

A Novel Woman said...

Such a good movie! And based on a true story. Loved it. But it has been out for quite some time. Any plans to see the new Bond film? Also great. And current. (Duck and run.)

Debby said...

I'm not much of a Bond fan. I'm not current. I know this, but I love stories about people. I like knowing that there are people with hearts in the world.

Run. But you cannot hide. I am headed your way, and I've got Rob Roy, and I know how to work a VCR. You do still have one of those, right?

A Novel Woman said...

I have a VCR and a ton of old tapes we picked up from the flea market, or we've carried along since the kids were little. Rob Roy makes me too upset. Can't watch it. See if you can find Enchanted April. Oh, I love that one!! The kids always roll their eyes because it's the one I always request. Definitely a feel good movie.