Friday, November 30, 2012

Today, I was working with a nervous girl, one who reminds you of a bird. She darts and she tries to get out. She cannot sit still. She does not look at you. Today, I poured water for her and talked to her in a low soothing voice. I smiled at her. I did not touch her. I did not lock gazes with her. I poured the water, again, and again, and she listened to the sound of it, cocking her head. It was not long, and she was helping pour it, hand over hand, watching the water splash and make bubbles. She was still and attentive.

At one point, I glanced at her, and she met my gaze. She smiled. She reached out her hand and she touched me. She initiated the touch, cocking her birdlike head. It was magic. It was truly magic.

When I took her back to her room, I hugged her, twice, and she let me, briefly. Proprioceptive input. I smiled. I talked softly.

I walked out of that room, and as overwhelming as this week has been, I tell you, there is no doubt in my mind that this job is where I belong. I have found my place.


Scotty said...

That's awesome, Debby

Coralee said...

What a great feeling to have -- to know you are where you belong!
Just saying those words can brighten any day.
As you pointed out today, your sense of peace will be felt.

jeanie said...

That is wonderful.

Last night we caught the beginning of the Bruce Lee biopic. He talked a lot about water and how it is the strongest thing but it was smart (or something) because it became whatever vessel it was.

You reminded me.

BUSH BABE said...

*happy sigh*