Friday, November 16, 2012

The Great Hunter

Tim is getting his stuff ready to go hunting. He's excited. Every year he hopes to get a bear. Every year I hope he doesn't.

Tim has not gotten a bear before.

We'll see if my luck holds for the 2012 Bear Season.

Late edit: my luck held and no bears were shot. It has been an ongoing argument for almost all the years we have been married.  Bears are opportunistic feeders, and will eat from garbage dumpsters. With my own eyes, I have watched them fish a baby diaper out and devour it like it's gourmet. I don't believe in killing something that you don't mean to eat, and I don't mean to eat bear meat. Tim believes that you can tell a garbage eater from a bear who eats his natural diet.

He's now sprawled on the couch watching Clint Eastwood. The soundtrack to High Plains Drifter grates like fingernails on a chalkboard. *shiver* I don't get why that movie is considered a classic.


quid said...

My bro only deer. But he bow hunts. Big, fearsome men.


Debby said...

*meh* I'm not scared.

jeanie said...

My mother has always advised Dad that if he wants offal, he will need to go elsewhere.

Probably the same with bear for you.