Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stupid, revisited.

Well, the election hysteria is over. Thank goodness, because it was getting very old. The hype, the political phone calls, studying my husband from an opposite side of the fence. But our president was re-elected. This morning, facebook was crackling with election fallout, and I am relieved to say that it was mostly civil. "I live in a democracy. I will not always get my way" or "It's time to pull together and turn this country around." I loved this picture and posted it.

But then you've got the flip side:

5 hours ago near Thatcher, AZ · ..Im buying more guns now 8 people like this..

 Corrisa: and lots of em too huh!?! 5 hours ago via mobile · Like..

Chip:  YUP 5 hours ago via mobile · Like..

Corrisa: corrisa needs a gun too i think haha 5 hours ago via mobile · Like.. Dale Ruttan Too late, the prices will be unbelievable tomorrow at the open of business. 5 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1 ..

Debby: The same exact same thing was going around the last time he was elected. Nobody stomped on your rights then although everyone was screaming that it would happen. Why don't we ever see anyone coming back and saying, "Hmmm. Gun prices were NOT unbelievable at the open of business. Perhaps I over reacted..."? 53 minutes ago · Like..

Chip: Because its a possibility 43 minutes ago via mobile · Like..

Debby: Okay. So when that possibility does not happen, are you coming back to say, "Hey...maybe I over reacted?" 31 minutes ago · Like..

Chip: No but i was prepared 22 minutes ago via mobile · Like..

Debby: for what? Something that never happened. Thank God~! 20 minutes ago · Like..

Chip: Prepared for somthing that might happen whats wrong with that?

No sense even discussing it. I hope the dummie is prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse and Alien Invasion as well.

You know, the exact same bullshit went around when Obama was elected last time. It didn't come true then. It is not going to come to pass now. People with mindsets like this scare me more than our president.

I am glad that the president won by a healthy margin. My greatest fear was that the vote would be close and I'd have to listen to four more years of complaining that Romney had won the popular vote, but lost the electoral. Obama won, and if we are wise, we will all turn our attention to our country.


jeanie said...

I saw a sign on Facebook this evening:

To the Republicans who said they will move to Australia if Obama won:

Australia has universal health care, compulsory voting, no guns, no death penalty, pro-choice when it comes to contraception, openly gay politicians and judges, evolution is taught in all schools, and our Female PM is an unmarried atheist.

Be sure to declare your pitchforks at Tullamarine.

(the above was by Felicity Ryan - @CalledFelicity)

Pretty happy at the result over here!

Anonymous said...

We all had better be on our knees in prayer. All of us (including the president's supporters) are, in reality, seeing the death of our nation.

Anonymous said...

If the President's re-election is the death of our nation, then I will welcome it with open arms, Anonymous. Did you even read this post? If we all work together, this will be a great four years. Dissention in the ranks solves nothing... just remember that.


Debby said...

I just read the best post. Anonymous, this ones for you: I'm all about strong convictions and beliefs...the whole stand for nothing and you'll fall for anything mindset. Be grateful that you live in a country that allows you the right to voice and argue those opinions. But to buy into the idea that all of our country's problems can be caused or fixed by one man, or even one party is nothing short of ridiculous to me. It is evident that we are a nation that is SEVERLY divided, and obviously a lot of change and reform needs to take place. But nothing happens overnight and it's time for everyone to take some personal responsiblilty for our country's current state as well instead of laying the blame squarely on the shoulders of ONE man. Just because you may not like our leader does NOT mean that you don't have a voice or the ability to change your circumstance. Get off your ass and be part of the change that you so badly want to see. Educate yourself on government and hot button issues. Educate your children. Invest your time into raising the next generation to be pro-active, yet openminded. Teach the value of hard work. And PLEASE instill the manners and respect that so much of our generation is lacking while doing so. Spewing hatred and ingnorance only serves to widen the already large enough divide. That's the reason our nation is going to hell, not because Obama won the presidency.

Mary Paddock said...

I was floored by the bitterness I encountered. One friend declared that it was a sad day for Christians in the US and that she was ashamed to be an American. I almost offered to help her pack (okay, that's not true. I'm more civilized than that, but seriously . . . ). Another friend went on and on about how America had let God down and how we were going to pay for our sins. And so on and so on.

Enough already. Let's move on to more important topics like cute grandchildren. How is that little guy?

Holly said...

I just have to point out how odd I think it is that you're asking someone to teach their children "manners and respect which so much of this generation is lacking" when you just told that person to get off their a**. Not exactly what I call respectful or mannerly.

BUSH BABE said...

I think Debby was quoting there Holly. :-)

I think politics always polarises us because it's the one thing that affects us all (us here in Australia with ours, you over there with yours). And it's always easier to be generous when your team won...

I have no opinion on your politics but look forward to seeing what Obama can do this term - the last one has certainly aged him! What a job to take on...


quid said...

The EPA survives, we will not completely poison the country in 5 years.

Our daughters can still get hormonal birth control, if they choose it.

Someone at the top owes our Hispanic community a hard fought fight regarding comprehensive election reform.

Rape is a crime.

Little children with pre-existing conditions and kids 18-26 won't lose health insurance.

List goes on. Hopefully, some of us start meeting in the middle.


Debby said...

I was quoting, but you are correct, Holly. But you know what? You can continue to pick and fault find, or you can agree with the sentiment of the thing and move on. The basic truth of it is unflawed. The US of A is not being destroyed because of one man. That is ridiculous. It is being imploding from hate and fearmongering and our own self centeredness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debby, Billy Graham's wife was once quoted as saying that if they both agreed on everything, one of them would be unnecessary. I think that sentiment applies in most areas. I couldn't voye for a man who supports abortion and gay marriage but do support your right to do so. That doesn't make either of us "dumb" or "stupid", just different thinking people. So rather than perpetuating the "polarization" mentioned by BB,
all of us should agree to disagree and move on. As A Novel Woman said, "How is William?"
Still friends, Judy
PS We have family living in Australia, I'm thinking not too far from BB. I read her blog to feel closer to them. As well as enjoying her words and beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

Oops, where is spell check when I need it! Voye is vote.

Debby said...
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Debby said...

We ARE still friends Judy, but what makes people dumb, in my opinion is when they start screaming about something that is going to happen, something extreme, like gun prices are going to go through the roof because of the president...but then, when it (predictably) does NOT happen, refuse to back down from their stance of hysteria. A woman, also someone I consider a friend, made the statement that our president refused to salute the flag or pledge allegiance. This is not true...just slander that is being bandied about to raise hackles. These sorts of reports and unbased hatred are stupid. This "I've made up my mind, don't confuse me with facts" mentality is stupid.

We believe in the 10 commandments, right? Posting online something that is untrue is bearing false witness against your neighbor. A lie is a lie, whether written, or spoken. We must speak the truth, even if the truth does not bolster our stance.

Finally, I do not personally believe in abortion. I am not gay. I believe that God gave us free will, and that in the end, He will be the one to judge our life. OUR life. Forbidding gay union will not stamp out 'gay'. Outlawing abortion will not stop them. I will live my life as I believe God wants me to. I will share my opinions freely. In the end, I will trust that God will work in their life as he has worked in mine.

BUSH BABE said...


Hello Anonymous Judy!!! Glad you enjoy your virtual visits Down Under...

Sending calming vibes north-east...

Amy said...

Hope your racist-misogynistic-homophobic former pastor is enjoying President Obama's win!! I know I am

Anonymous said...

Hello back to you, BB!
I do enjoy my visits. Your hospitality is great.
Good to meet you!
And thanks, Debby, for the link to BB.