Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nice Weekend

I am grateful for so much. I am grateful that the kids were home for Thanksgiving. Although Brianna and William could not join us for the day, they did come Friday evening, after Brianna got out of work. Dylan and Brittani and Cara and Brianna all ran around the house wearing out little William, bouncing him on the bed, sliding him down the slide. Lots of squealing and happiness. I was grateful for that time.

Tim said it was the best Thanksgiving dinner I ever made. That made me happy too.

Saturday morning, everyone got up and headed back to where they belong. The house seemed empty, but I was grateful to see them go, as strange as that sounds... had begun to snow.

The predictions are always dire, and I hate to see the kids travelling when the roads are bad. They left early and everyone got home safely. The majority of the snow went north of us anyways. I was grateful for that, too.

The first snow is always so pretty.

You cannot help but feel Christmas-sy.

William came this morning, and we have had a fun day. He's followed "Ba-ba" around. He helped me clean the kitchen. He loves washing dishes with me. I turned my back, for just a minute, and he leaned off his chair enough to lose his balance. One arm was in the dishwater up to his elbow. The other was clinging to the chair which had rocked back against the cabinets. I set him upright, laughing at his predicament. He looked at me and grinned and said, "Bubbles!" And his little arms went right back into the dishwater.

He helped me clean the bathroom. I heard a howl and discovered that he'd managed to turn on my electric toothbrush and scared himself silly.

When his ba-ba got home from church, we went to the mall for a while. We got a little bit of Christmas shopping done, but primarily, we were there to wear little William out. 
We did.The End.

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