Monday, November 12, 2012

It's been a great day, but the fish is depressing me.

Well, Ka-bluey II spends a great deal of time on the bottom of his new home. Probably going to die on me, in an effort to show me his appreciation for his new digs. To convince him that life is worthwhile, I did stop to buy some freeze dried blood worms.

Stay tuned, I will update you on further developments as they happen.

Today, at work, I was bustling around, and keeping myself busy. Several people have asked me about the COTA job. I don't know. I plan my schedule week by week, and try to not get my hopes up. Someone did say that I was the only one to apply for it in house. That would be good news there. The longer that I wait to hear, the more certain I am that I didn't get it. I start listing all my shortcomings to myself, and before long, I've justified their decision not to hire me.

I know. I'm a mess.

Anyways, today while I was working, a nurse suddenly stopped and turned to me. Startled, I stopped too. "What house did you come from?" she asked. The fact that I did not work out at my previous placement is pretty common knowledge, and is one of those shortcomings on that list I recite to myself when I start to get discouraged about the COTA job.

"B4," I said. "I came from B4."

She said, "Well, you take it for what it's worth, but they lost out. You are just great."

You know, that was nice to hear, and I told her so.

Later, the manager came to me and gave me enough shifts to finish out the week. Not too long after that, her boss popped in and asked me when I would know about the COTA job. I told her that I was hopeful to know one way or the other by the end of the week. She said, "If you haven't figured it out, we are trying to find a way to keep you here."

You know, today was a pretty affirming sort of day, and every now and again, it's good to have one of those.


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Yep, it sure is good to have a day where you are validated and appreciated and know at the end of it all that you are doing a good job and it is being recognized. Good for you, Debby.

BB said...

I know what you mean... I have great faith you are heading great places...

Bob said...

Yes affirmation speaks volumes. Agree with BB -- great places are definitely in your future.

Anonymous said...

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Kelly said...

Trying to Ka-bluey a betta or some sort of tetra? The former tends to spend a lot of time just "sitting".

Thumbs up on that positive reinforcement!

jeanie said...

Yay you!!! It is nice to feel appreciated, no matter what the role is.