Monday, November 26, 2012

Tim's First Day

Tim got his deer today, on the first day of buck season. He and his son Mike went into the woods.For the first year ever, we will be taking him (the deer, not Tim) to be professionally butchered. Being as how we are both gainfully employed.
(At present.)
We don't take anything for granted here.
 Tim with his eight point.
I asked him if we were getting it mounted.
Answer: "No. The rack is too light."
It will be nice to have the meat in the freezer.
The antlers will wind up in the 'man cave'.


Kelly said...

Congratulations to Tim!

jeanie said...

Yay to Tim - and how did your first day go?

Pearl said...

Eight points is nothing to sneer at!



Coralee said...

Why isn't he smiling? That's a nice buck. he smiling?

No luck at our house yet so I know Marty is not smiling!
Maybe tomorrow.