Monday, November 26, 2012

First Day

Today is my first day of work at my new job. I am very excited.

I am not nervous at all. I did not have a schedule or a reporting time, something that I'd forgotten about in the rush to get ready for the holiday. Turns out, so did the lady who hired me. Friday morning, she came to work for the sole purpose of getting in contact with me. She was very grateful that I was so patient with her about the whole thing. She told me, for the first time, that they were sure of me as soon as they interviewed me. Wow. That is quite an honor.

Sort of makes me feel better about being square in the middle of the interview, catching something in my peripheral vision, turning to the window and gasping, "Oh, dear heavens! It's snowing!" I mentally slapped myself in the head for that one several times. ADD much?

She is anxious to have me on board, and I am anxious to be on board.

Looking over the schedule she sent me, I was excited to see familiar names. That is the best thing about this job, I think. I know who I'll be working with, because I've worked with them already. I know some of the clients. I am going back to the same place I did my clinicals, and I was so comfortable there. It's a new job, but it feels like a homecoming.


Bob Barbanes: said...

Ah, I'm sure you'll be fine. Oh, and don't worry about those, "Squirrel!" moments during the interview. We all get them ;)

Have fun!

QPT said...
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KarenTX said...

I am hoping you are having a good day and that the new job is everything you want it to be! They are lucky to have you.

BB said...

I love it when a plan comes together!