Friday, November 2, 2012

Big Stink, part three.

Well, stinky stuff is starting to become a recurrent theme.

His truck (dead mouse). My car (dead broccoli). And then...this KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you empty your trash can every day? I don't. Not really necessary, generally speaking. Tim and I do not generate a lot of garbage. But today, I realized that my kitchen stank, and that it was the garbage. The lesson for today? When your husband cuts up squirrel in your kitchen, and throws the body parts into the trash, the garbage needs to go out, right away.

Me and my sweetican will be discussing that one right away.

Job interview? It went well, I think. If I am an accurate judge of things. I should know within a week or two. They asked me if I had anything to add before the interview was over, and I said, "Only that I signed on to this facility for this very chance, for this moment, for this interview. I really, really want this job, and I can assure you that if I get it, you will have no reason to be sorry that I was placed in it."

I very often have the tendency not to promote myself as I should. Today, I did it differently.

*nibbles fingernail*

You don't think I went overboard, do you?

In any case, I don't want to get my hopes up, but I am hopeful.

Anyways, here's a happy for you.


Kelly said...

Ugh. I don't empty my trash every day, but try to remember to if there are meat wrappers (or parts!) in there.

So what do you do with your squirrel? Fry it? Mulligen? Just curious.

Debby said...

Saute it with butter and garlic.

A Novel Woman said...

Oh my, that blanket story!! I remember that episode on Antiques Roadshow. Wonderful. It went right on my FB (after I stopped crying.)

Now, back to the squirrel. I am picturing a garbage can full of squirrel bits and it's not a pretty picture. Mine went straight into the outside garbage can, triple wrapped.

However, where we are, you can't even live trap them and release them elsewhere let alone kill and eat them. So I've decided to move to your neck of the woods where life is way more civilized.

As for butchering them in the kitchen, do you ever worry about mites and ticks and fleas and such? Do you hang them outside first? What does squirrel meat taste like? (Don't say chicken.) Do you get much meat off them? They always strike me as kind of bony. Do you shoot or trap? So many squirrel questions, so little time.

And squid in the garbage can smells worse than squirrel bits. Trust me on this one.

And no, you didn't oversell yourself. Good job!!

BUSH BABE said...

Finally - she sells herself NOT short. Well done! And I just watched the Navajo blanket story and bawled my eyes out... wow. I want to see what he's doing now though (the journo in me!).
PS Bad smells?? Don't get me started!!

Bob said...

You'll do great in that job if you get it. And it's never wrong to sell yourself. Interviewers can tell when it's genuine and when it's BS so don't worry about that.

jeanie said...

I shan't comment on how an interview went, given I just put the phrase " I am extremely disappointed that they were merely words to impress in an interview situation." into an email. You might call me jaded.

Re the smells? Over here, any animal products get put into the freezer until bin day because the life cycle of your average fly will get you even before the stink sets in!!