Thursday, October 4, 2012


You know, I really do think that I live in a pretty nice little corner of the world, but lately, it does seem that terrible things are happening right here, right at my front door even. (And no, we never did find out what the hoopla was that had police everywhere...)

One story that actually frightened me was about a beloved horse that had been sprayed with accelerant and set afire in his own pasture. What kind of sadistic mind does something like this? Who ever did this surely built up to this terrible deed by acts of increasing cruelty, and I'm certain that the cruelty will not stop at this horrible act. In fact, I read about two goats shot dead in their own pasture this morning's newspaper.

I hope they catch someone. I surely hope they catch this bastard.

The story of the poor horse has been amazing though. People have rallied in a wonderful way, and the horse is a magnificent creature with a strong spirit. The first picture is graphic, but you cannot help but be thrilled at his steady recovery. Read about Northstar here. Pass it along if you are inclined.


A Novel Woman said...

Oh my God. I looked at the photo through a blur of tears. What a sick, sick individual to do such a thing. Did they catch whoever did it? Horrible. I can't deal with cruelty towards children or animals. I shut down. I have to go think happy thoughts now.

Caroline said...

That is simply awful.

WhiteStone said...

In simple words..."Sin abounds!"
But this is so astounding.

BUSH BABE said...

Dear. Sweet. Lord.
I feel ill... no-one in their right mind could do such a thing. Am glad people have rallied to help. I hope the cause is identified and treated also.