Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The new job has been going quite well. I love our clients, just as I loved the last ones. But the difference is that the new house is fun. I 'fit'. Everyone does their job. Moreover, we have a lot of fun on the job. Last night was karaoke night, and even though our clients are non-verbal, they seem to derive a lot of pleasure out of watching the staff jump around and dance, singing at the top of our lungs.

I have friends. I fit. It's a comfortable place to be.

You know something? I was working with a client. A nurse said, with a laugh, "He's blind." I was a little surprised. "Well, his vision might be impaired, but he sees." Dismissively, she said, "No. He's blind."

Last night I watched him watching the disco lights. He was arched back in his chair to see them. I turned his chair. His head returned to watch the lights. I said to another aide, "You know, they tell me he's blind, but I believe he's seeing something. Watch him." She did, and she was astonished.

She told me to go get a manager. She felt that this was something that a manager should witness. The manager watched him, and she agreed too. He definately has some amount of vision, although he cannot tell us how much.

I love watching our clients and figuring them out.

Last night, I watched a blind man see, and it was very cool.


quid said...

I am glad that you are fulfilled and content in the new job...but also open to surprises!


BUSH BABE said...

Cool. And so is their new employee!!