Saturday, October 6, 2012

Putting Summer Away.

It's an early fall here. It's been dark and overcast, damp and chilly.

We have two large maple trees in the back yard both of them surely over 100 years old, and one of the things that I love to do is watch the wind catch the trees and the leaves fall in a colorful swirl. It really is beautiful to see.

I've been watching this for a couple weeks now, and it never fails to make me stop and smile a little, to watch this blizzard of leaves from these trees.

Except that those leaves eventually hit the ground, and they swirl no more. They blanket the yard and something needs to be done. We cannot burn leaves in the city, so we've spent the day raking, and we have a pile of leaves the length of our house, probably three feet high, maybe 5 feet in depth that the city will come along and suck up this week, hauling them to be mulched.

I pulled 30 solar lights, stuck pieces of cardboard between the contact and the battery so that they can be stored and pulled out again this spring. I've washed them all, remembering how pleased we were when we first put them out last spring, how we sat watching them in the dark. I put them away so that they are ready to take our breath away next spring.

I'll pull the big urns from the portico into the garden room outside the back door underneath the steps to the second floor balcony, and hope that the geraniums make it through the winter. (I've never been able to bring geraniums through the winter, so suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.)

I'll store the hanging baskets inside the basement.

Bring in the sundial. The birdbaths.

For all of its beauty, fall is a little sad too.


A Novel Woman said...

It's funny, but tonight I stood under a maple and watched as the wind made them swirl and fall all around me, landing in my hair and it made me smile, too! What really made me smile, though, was knowing I didn't have to rake them. I wish I could help you with the geranium question. I have two hibiscus (hibiscuses? hibisci?) that I'm hoping to nurse through the winter. Never had much luck with indoor plants of any kind. (Well, plastic ones...)

jeanie said...

Over here, Winter is pretty much Summer without the extremes - so it is always interesting to hear about places where there is differential enough to require reoganising the whole garden.

Mikey said...

It sounds so wonderful to me. Fall is so beautiful there.

WhiteStone said...

I leave my solar lights in the ground. Love seeing them in the winter, too. Geraniums...I pull them out of the ground, bare root, place them in a paper grocery bag in the basement. Late February is the time to repot. If they get too leggy (seeking the sun) you can prune them back and they'll be fine by the time you set the pots outdoors. You will need to harden them off in the spring...don't set them out in the blazing sun and expect them not to wilt and complain! Wish our city would suck up our leaves.

Trudy said...

I put the potted geraniums in the basement where they get very little sun and it is cool, 40's, maybe low 50's. I water just enough to keep them alive, maybe once a month. Then I bring them up in February or so and give them light and water. Keep pinching them back to create bushy plants by the time you want to set them out in the Spring. I have one my daughter gave me in high school that I have kept alive for more than 6 years now. I hope saying that won't cause it to die this winter.