Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Light Show

William came last night, late, to spend the night. It was a bit of a disruption for him, and he was quite wide awake, which was unfortunate, since his grandparents were quite ready for bed. We played for a while, quiet things. I handed him a flashlight, and began to shut off the lights in the house. He was quite excited about this, and chattered all the way to the livingroom. Once those lights were off, he sat down on his fuzzy blanket and began to shoot beams of light across the ceiling and down the walls. I watched him, contentedly, and dozed off myself. I wolk up and saw him flat on his back, sound asleep, clutching his flashlight. I tucked him into bed.

It was really a magical time in the dark.


Scotty said...

It's those small, magical moments that are so often the best, eh, Debby?


Mary Paddock said...

Awww! What a sweet heart he is. And what a wise grandma you are for making bed time fun. :)