Thursday, October 25, 2012

I win 'the most disgusting day' award, Novel Woman...

Novel Woman had kind of a sucky day.

I also thought of Bush Babe today. She's documented her battles with the mice at Granite Glen. She had my complete understanding and sympathy. Back when we lived in the woods, every fall, we fought the same battle. We won though, because I don't have any hesitation about using D-Con (your Rat-Sac, BB). I liked to get them dead before they came upstairs, and generally speaking, I was pretty successful, unless you count the time that one died in the wall, and required a portion of wall cut out to remove his decomposing (and stinking) body. Yeah. Tim was pretty peeved.

Anyhow, we don't have that problem in the big city, thank goodness.

So, Tim replaced the gas tank in the truck, using the garage that is behind our house in the woods. This was something that took a couple days. The truck came back home today good as new. Well. Almost. A mouse has gotten in it and died. Unfortunately we cannot find it. We (well, by we, I mean Tim) has given the truck a thorough going over, and has yet to find it.

It was one nasty truck ride, let me tell you. I have a notion that a week from now, it will be decidedly nastier.

I've been thinking this over, and trying to figure out if a stinky dead mouse trumps a pigeon pooping in your purse. If you count the fact that we missed hitting a deer on the way home by a mere foot and a half, well, I do think I've won this round, Novel Woman.

Dang my luck.


Caroline said...

My mothervwould have this problem sometimes. She had to have the dashboard taken out to find it unfortunately. Sorry.

quid said...

Ick. I don't even like live mice.
Hope you can solve it.


Bill of Wasilla said...

Maybe the wind will blow the mice out of the countryside and the rain will drown those that it doesn't and, once the storm subsides, you can move back into a more rural setting.

Buckle down!

A Novel Woman said...

You win. The purse is clean. Your truck still stinks.

Is is in the body of the truck or the engine part?

Stupid wildlife...

A Novel Woman said...

If it makes you feel any better, we have mice at the cottage. They don't seem to like peanut butter. They bypass the traps and chew my tea towels instead.

Anonymous said...

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