Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sad but true...

I'm here, I'm here. Just hit by a tidal wave of tiredness that I can't seem to climb on top of. Everything just seems to take more energy than I have. I'm hoping to catch up on sleep in the next three days. Thanks for checking in Coralee, but the truth is no more interesting than that.

I went shopping the other day. I had to pick up some things, to include a new toothbrush for myself. So I saw one on sale, and thought, "Cripes...$2.97 for a toothbrush is the SALE price?" but I bought it because it was on sale. And hot pink, not something that I'd accidently mix up with Tim's toothbrush. Those two things.

Later that night. I opened the toothbrush. Used it like one generally does with a toothbrush, and grumbled a little when I discovered that the handle was so thick that it did not fit in my toothbrush holder.

Life went on.

Honestly, two days later I was using my toothbrush. Much to my amazement the thing began to vibrate and buzz in my mouth. I almost dropped it in the sink.

The fact that it took me two days and 5 teethbrushings to realize my toothbrush was electric is a sad commentary on the severity of my technological deficiencies. It also makes it easier to understand why my husband's cell phone number is taped to the back of my phone.


Leonie Quick said...

That's so cute.... But the fact that you blog, you are obviously more tech savvy than you think! :)

BUSH BABE said...

What happened to all your comments??????