Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oblivious, as usual.

So there I was sitting in the dark, perusing and pinning wedding ideas on Pinterest, daydreaming happily, when Tim came in. The street was swarming with police, all up and down the side streets, patrolling yards, and he imparted this information a bit agitatedly.

Me, slowly dragging myself from centerpieces and flowers and swathes of tulle, responded with, "You're joking."

He wasn't.

I looked out the window. Two police officers shined their lights in my face.

"What's going on?" I said to Tim.

Tim snapped, "I don't know!" and headed for the third floor to get a better look. I started up after him, only to meet him heading back down. "We need to lock our doors!"

The police were on the other side of the hedge, and being that when I'm not being oblivious, I'm pretty dang nosy, I said, "Hey...can I ask? What's up?" in a quiet voice.

They answered just as quietly, "We're looking for the fellow that lives here," shining their light at the apartment window.

Since I am not 'the fellow that lives here', I was much relieved.

I really wouldn't know him if I fell over him to be honest. The fact is, I've probably seen him around and even talked to him, but have no idea who lives where. Don't know what he's done, but he's got local and state law enforcement after him.

Living in the city is a lot different than living in the woods. When we had activity in the back yard at night, it was generally a bear. You know what you're dealing with when you're dealing with a black bear. You cannot say that about people.


jeanie said...


Neighbours are strange creatures. You never can tell... (but you can surmise - it sounds much nicer than gossip, doesn't it?)

Our lovely neighbours down the road turned out to be working a brother - we just thought they were into washing cars in their bikinis!!

Caroline said...

Last week I was working from home and heard helicopters. I didnt think much of it and later found out that a bank was robbed two blocks away. They were looking for the robber who got away.

Debby said...

Working a brother?!! It took me a moment. I was running though all my accumulated 'strine language, couldn't figure it out. Until I figured out we were still speaking a common tongue. That 'r'? Twas meant to be an 'l'? Am I right?

A Novel Woman said...

We are both city dwellers now, and we'll have all kinds of tales to tell I'm guessing. I had cop cars swarming our street too last Friday, at least a dozen of them, lights flashing. Turns out they were ticketing trucks who have been illegally using our street. Yay, more peace and quiet!

However, there's a pretty nasty park two blocks away. And I've been told not to use the insta-bank closest to me, at least not first thing in the morning as they have to clean up the blood, urine and/or vomit first from the night before. Yup, city living ain't for the weak. But it's never dull. ;)

jeanie said...

lol - working on a few brothers in that profession!