Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Bush Babe started me thinking on it. She suggested I 'choose wisely'.

I realized that I have always been waiting to be chosen, sort of like the klutz in gym class, waiting, hopefully hopeless. I've spent my life waiting to be chosen.

When I was chosen, I always took it, straightaway. There were always kids, or responsibilities, it was always a necessity.

It was Tim that pointed out that a great many of those responsibilities are taken care of now, and then we are financially in better shape than we have ever been in our lives. He wanted me to quit weeks ago. I was determined to make it work. My sister stopped by and lectured me as well. Listening to the two of them, last night, I realized that they were saying the truth.

This is my chance to choose.

I will choose wisely, BB. I won't rush willy nilly into the first thing that chooses me. I will choose wisely. Tomorrow, I'm going to the unemployment agency. There's a job I want to apply for. It would be a good hours drive to work and then back home again. It is an OTA job. The real deal, working with veterans.

I am a veteran. I am an OTA. I think that it might be a good fit for me. But I'll have plenty of time to think before I make my choice.

It's kind of a private astonishment to me, and I marvel that I am able to make a choice.

And I am grateful that life has come around to this.


Scotty said...

Go for it, Debby, and good luck!

Coralee said...

You speak to me! I'm discovering something similar, I can have an opinion and I can voice it.

BUSH BABE said...

I am SO glad you heard me... I am a big believer that we all bear the responsibility to choose our own outcomes. Our own paths. Some things are destined, but only ever when we open the door to them. You have no idea yet the power you have Deb. I can see it from this far away - so glad you are starting to see it too!


jeanie said...

Congratulations on taking that brave step - I am so proud of you - and best of luck in the next door that opens and "you chose" to step inside.

Bob said...

You're definitely at a crossroads. That's often when really cool things happen. Congrats.