Friday, September 7, 2012

Bob Says Hi.

Well, I went back to the old blogger format, and there it all is, all the icons, just the way it's meant to be. And as Jeanie has suggested, I bookmarked this, so that I will always be able to use it. Gees. What a challenge. Especially for a woman that needed two days to figure out her new toothbrush was electric.

As I reckoned, I do not have time to do a full post. I've spent the last couple days with William, and everything stops as I wallow in some 'granny time'. We have so much fun!

All the time that I spent putting the play room together, and dreaming of the day when he would be old enough to play up there...

(sorry so dark...)

Well... that day has come.

For once, I took a picture that I was not ashamed of.

I know! I was shocked too.

That rocker in the background behind the antique crib we found? That was mine, when I was a little girl. I've never known a time when I did not have that chair. My own have all rocked in it, and now William rocks in it.

The poor Playskool wagon holds blocks, and that was also mine when I was a little girl. Cara likes to point out the chew marks on the blocks and suggest that the blocks were painted with lead based paint, which explains a great deal in her mind.

It leaves my mind with a question: why did I have kids?

When you go out of the play room, you are in a big hall. There are two sets of doors that lead to the attics, long attics that run the entire length of the house on both sides. They really are wonderful. Across the hall there is a bedroom. We really haven't done a lot with that, not yet anyway. Tim painted it.

And in hall, at the top of the stairs that leads from the third floor to the second...

The afternoon light shining through the window is giving everything a golden glow. I love that. It almost makes it look magical, doesn't it? The room we entering into is the little reading nook. Here's that little reading nook. Bear in mind that everything is still a work in progress. I collect things along the way, which is why things may still look a little 'naked'. For this room, I need a little white book case to hold the children's books. All in good time. All in good time.

My friend got me this when she heard about my little reading nook. I love this.
It is the perfect touch.

I have to work tonight, so I'll stop the tour here, but Bob has been hanging around waiting to say hi!


Bob said...

Right back at ya, Bob, from another Bob.

Kelly said...

Haha...when I saw the title I thought maybe the Bob from the comment above had been to visit you!

Enjoyed all the photos! It was worth the wait.

Scotty said...

Wow - you guys have done a great job with the place (and since you've worked out the Blogger pic problem, please feel free to disregard my last email, lol)


Debby said...

Bob, someday you will meet Bob face to face. Why don't you and Susan bring Kelly along with? Scotty? You too. Might as well make it a party.

A Novel Woman said...

Bob is AWESOME!! Oh yes, the playroom is nice very nice and the grandson cute cute, but BOB IS AWESOME! I love the Bob!

A Novel Woman said... do you get your old blog format? I hate the new Blogger setup.

Anna said...

Remind Cara, it wasn't us who chewed on the blocks, it was George. We are as normal as normal can be...*hahem*

Debby said...

Hey, everyone. Meet my sister Anna!