Saturday, September 29, 2012

All quiet...on the blog, anyway.

I am doing something that I have never done before. I'm waiting. There is a promise lurking, one that is so grand I can't even bring myself to speak of it for fear of jinxing it. I took part time work and am waiting. It's kind of a nervewracking time.

You know that Dylan proposed to Brittani, right?

That was also the day that a fellow ran a stop sign and demolished Cara's new car. She's okay, thankfully, although we were worried that one hand might have some permanent nerve damage, muscle relaxers and strong pain medication are starting to ease most of her symptoms. She's currently been given a "SUH-weeeeeeeeeeeeeeet" little Toyota to drive from the fellow's insurance company. We are grateful that the accident happened during a busy time, and that six witnesses stopped. The other driver also took full responsibility. He will probably lose his job over it, which is sad.

That day was also Brianna's birthday, her 31st, a fact that I remembered about noon. Made me feel terrible. Her husband was sick anyway, so we went out for dinner the following day, and we babysat so that she and her husband could have a night out.

The blog has been quiet.

My life? Not so much...


A Novel Woman said...

The most important thing is that everyone is okay. Phew.

Scotty said...

Glad to hear that she's okay, Debby - here's to a speedy recovery.