Friday, August 3, 2012


Well, as it turns out, I'll know pass or fail next Thursday, not today. My understanding was that you had the initial pass/fail the following day, although you would not know your actual score for a week. That information was incorrect, and I will find out the 8th or 9th. I'm just don't feel anxious.

Today was a quiet day, with cleaning.

Tonight is my first night shift, and I curled up with a book to read myself to sleep. I read about Corfu and smugglers and William Shakespeare until I fell asleep. Except that I did not fall asleep blast my luck. Anyone have a guess as to what I was reading?


jeanie said...

I do know that it wasn't 50 shades of putrid...

Perhaps an Anne?

Debby said...

No desire to read that book. It is an older book, one I read in high school. The author is now in her 90s.

Think best seller list circa 1960-1980