Thursday, August 23, 2012

What We've Been Up To.

Today, there was a big fat packet in the mail box. It was the results of my recent certification exam, my certificate, my handy little card. A pin that says COTA.

I dreaded that test. I spent most of the summer being quite anxious about it.

I took it. I passed it. I got 513 points out of 600. Not great, but not horrible, I imagine.

It makes me laugh, a bit. Everyone chided me about my concerns, telling me that I would pass. I surely did not feel all that confident. Perhaps it is a fact: you know me better than I know myself.

Yesterday, Tim and I took a walk. We found a small Andes gas kitchen stove, old. I reckon from the 30s, although I have not yet found anything to verify that. Ceramic over steel, heavy as all get out. I said to Tim, "Isn't that adorable?" And he said, "It's interesting." I said, "I want that. All cleaned up, it would look cute in the second kitchen." Without hesitation, he said, "Well, let's go up and talk to the people." The contractor immediately said, "What are your plans for it?" I said, "A decoration for an old kitchen." He said, in a considering way, "What about the two cast iron sinks?" Tim said, "Where are those?" And we went to look at them...two high back old fashioned sinks, one for the bathroom, with all the hardware. The kitchen one had the cast iron drainboard. The contractor said, "If you take all of this, I'll give you the stove for free."

He's talking to scrappers. In effect, he paid us $20 to take the stove, since that's probably what those sinks will bring at the scrap yard. But who knows? We might just use the kitchen sink in the second kitchen. We went back for the truck, and loaded all that heavy stuff up. A young guy walking down the street ran across to give us a hand, bless his heart.

On the way home, we found an old floor lamp set out along side the street. I said, "We could use a floor lamp." Tim said, "We don't need one." I said, "Well, yeah, we do. We could use one between the two chairs in the library." So we stopped and put in in the back of the truck with everything else.  After supper, we went to Lowes and got a new socket, and a lampshade from the second hand store. Tim did some rewiring, and put the lamp where it belonged. He agreed that we did need a floor lamp after all, and we got a nice old one that cost a mere $7.00 to make workable.

I'm pretty lucky to have a husband who is not ashamed of me and my quirks.

I've been taking pictures like a crazy person, and when we get the good computer back, I'll finally have pictures of the house, as well as Bob the Buffalo. (Sorry, he just seems like a Bob to me...) I've gotten pictures of all the stupid little details that I love so much about our house. You've all been patient.

On a sad note, Uncle Herman has passed, the grand patriarch of the family breadmaking reunion. It was obvious that he was slipping away from us, and the last two times we visited, his eyes had a far away look, like he was seeing another time, other people. He shook Tim's hand when we last left and said, "You be good now, Timmy," and for some reason that brought tears to my eyes, to hear my 55 year old husband called by his boyhood name. I cried for some miles in the car. There is something about the passing of a good person, someone who has lived his 90 years being a Godly man, a bit of a rascal (he scandalized Aunt Anna's family by riding his motor cycle to pick her up when they were dating). He has the wooden propeller from his last plane. He wrecked it, and Aunt Anna wouldn't let him get another. He laughed like crazy when he told us that story. Uncle Herman was a Godly man with a wild hair. He was such an interesting charactor, and the family reunion will not be the same.

Uncle Herman is the latest in a string of family losses. We have lost three of our elders, all in their 90s, in the last three weeks. It is a sad time.

Well, I'm not getting anything done sitting here. I will head out to spray down that stove yet again (I'm peeling away years of grime, one layer at a time.) I'm also going to help the neighbor bust some concrete.

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