Friday, August 24, 2012

True friends.

How do you tell a true friend?

Well, today, I was helping the neighbor bust up concrete, and dig out for a new that had extended onto our property line. As agreeable as Don is, I sure hated seeing him working so hard doing something that was, rightfully, our responsibility. So when I heard him out there this morning thunking away at the concrete, I jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes and a hat and headed out to give him a hand.

I managed to slop my coffee down the front of my tee shirt as I juggled two spades and my coffee. After a few hours, I'd worked up a healthy sweat. I was filthy. It was at that point, we noticed bees coming out of the ground, so I decided to grab a can of bee spray from the local store.

A true friend is the one you meet up with when you are dirty and sweaty, no make up, with a coffee stain down your front, a ball cap covering your unwashed hair. A true friend, Lord love her, is still thrilled to see you.

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