Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I've been stressing a little over this upcoming certification exam...coming up August 2nd. I'm studying for it, but I am tired of studying too. I want to do other stuff, *whine* but I've spent too much money for to get signed up for this test to not take it. At work, I need to take a med-passing course that will allow me to work without direct supervision. Originally, this was planned for mid-August, but suddenly, they wanted it done ASAP. They need me to have that certification to move into my next postion, and now, I'm taking this course next week. NEXT WEEK! Before my big test, not after. There's pre-requisites, everything's top priority. (*pant, pant, puff*) Suddenly, everything is about books and studying, and...well...ACK!~ Just ACK!

This morning I got up stressing about the deadline on a column. No real ideas on what to write about, just a few half thought through notions. There on the front page of the paper was my inspiration. I sat down and wrote that column out in one hour. I believe that it was a record for me.

Unexpectedly, I received the message that a sale for a Lane cedar chest had fallen through. I'd put my name in line for the item, but never figured that I would get it. I leapt into the shower and left the house with wet hair. I got it. For $20, believe it or not.

I got home and sat down to study for my allotted two hours.

It's all the time that I had. I have to head out to meet a lady. I'd made another on line purchase earlier in the week. Two of the coolest antique chairs that I'd ever seen. $10 ea/$20 for the matched pair. I already know where I want to put them.

I'm working hard, but all that stress and pressure I felt has eased back from this morning. What I feel, instead, is...well...productive.

Two other exciting notes. The buffalo head is finally hung, and my library is put back to rights.

I have begun taking pictures of the house, in full light. Unfortunately, right this minute, I don't have time to assemble them into a post. You've all been so patient...I hope you will give me two more weeks.

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Anonymous said...

stop and take some deep breaths, you are a smart lady and can do this, be at peace with yourself and go for it. I will send up some ex tra prayers for you. we are doing fine here and Ron has had another PET scan and it came back clear, he is starting to feel better and able to do a little yard work. tomorrow is our 47th anniv., it will be low key, out to dinner and some quality time together. we love that and always find so much too talk about and enjoy being together. we have so much to be thankful. your blog is one of them, it helped get me through a hard time. hang in there, you can do this. Ellie