Friday, July 27, 2012


Yesterday, we had a string of violent weather. I was in a class and the lightning struck so close it looked as if it struck in the parking lot. Driving home, I could see that the wind had done a lot of damage.

I got home and Cara was wild eyed. She got her new (to her) car the day Wednesday evening. She's very proud of it. Power everthing, and a working air conditioner and CD player. Plus it is shiiiiiiiiii-ny.  She decided that she did not want to pull it in our driveway, afraid that the little hump where the side walk is might cause her to scrape bottom a little, so it was along the street in front of our house when the storm hit.

Much to Cara's horror, a large branch fell from one of the big trees across the street on to a car, which sent Cara running hell bent for leather in the bucketing down rain screaming a little to move her car which was opposite the downed limb. The streets were flooded, so she drove it to the parking garage, where she parked it next to the two nicest cars she could find, a guarantee of sorts, since bad things do not happen to the well to do. She then ran the 10 blocks back home to make sure the house was secure.

The power had gone out, and a window had blown in, but did not break, oddly enough. The basement was flooded, but we know that this will continue to be a problem until we get the new roof and rain gutters on this month. Cara did not know this little factoid and was quite upset.

All's well that ends well. No damage to the house, and her little blue car is just as perfect as it was when the storm began. Plus it was a perfect excuse to go out to dinner, grabbing the neighbor kid as we headed out.


Coralee said...

So glad no damage for you or Cara! We were coming home from vacation on Route 6, when the storms hit on Thursday. We were around the Wellsboro area when we got the worst of it. Our home is surrounded by trees, so of course, we had little worried thoughts weaseling their way into our traveling conversations the rest of the way home. No damage for us either, thank you Lord and like you , no power, so we ate our final vacation meal at Applebee's.

Roland said...

I'm glad to hear things are okay! I know how traumatic new car damage can be, so I'm happy that it came out unscathed! The house, too, of course. ;)

jeanie said...

We had a storm on Friday night also! Although ours was more bluster and blunderbuss than actual damage.

I once saw a car across the road with a limb fall over it - and managed to only scratch one door, as its fall was held up by other branches around it!

So glad everyone is safe and well - and the car is okay.

Jayne said...

Thank goodness no one came to any harm!

BUSH BABE said...

An excuse to go out to dinner ... *le sigh*
And a big ol' *WHEW* for Cara.

BUSH BABE said...
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BUSH BABE said...
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