Friday, July 20, 2012

Note for Local Readers

According to the buzz on my facebook, the Westboro Baptist Church is planning to come and picket a military funeral here in Warren. This is unverified, since the funeral is not listed on their website, but I think that it is important to be there if you can, so that if they do show up, there is a solid wall of people between their hateful signs and the soldier's family and friends.


Anonymous said...

This makes me sick to hear, my son served 26 years in the army, and 18 or them as a Ranger so he saw a lot of action. I could not bear for this group to disrespect a fallen gi like this. They tried this in Brandon. Miss. They stayed at a local hotel and the morning of the service big trucks had parked around there cars, by the time they could get the police there to make the trucks move they were running late and had to rush out, then the police stopped them for reckless driving and speeding, with a few more delays that were planned for them they missed the service. they wanted to file charges but could not find grounds to stand on as no one in the town saw anything that went on. I read this in our paper but could not verify it.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why these people feel its so important to stop a member of the militarys funeral, if they cared that much why not stand outside the recruiting center and hav prevented me from joining the army. I will hit my 3 year mark this coming September and even tho I am a homosexual serving, I am still proud to serve.

Debby said...

Anonymous number 2: very single service member has the right to be proud of their service.

Thanks to both my commenters. The Westboro Baptist Church did not show up here, and I find myself wondering if this is due to the fact that people are becoming increasingly bold about confronting them. Anonymous number 1, I hope every single town meets them the self same way.