Monday, July 9, 2012

Great Day

Our company has left, and our house is once again quiet. Tim is free to roam about the house in his tighty whities without fear of embarrassment. It was a fun time, though, having a housefull.

The Fourth of July holiday is over and done with. I will tell you a secret, if you promise not to tell anyone. I am not a big fan of parades. I mean, the first hour is not bad, but our town's parade can go on for a couple hours, and once it was nearly three hours long. I pretty much had to go to the parades because Cara was in the marching band, but now that she's grown up, well, I could happily take a miss on the whole darn thing.

But Tim likes the parade and he'd happily sit there for a day, watching the parade and talking to people. (He used to be quiet. He's not so quiet these days. I think I fixed him.)

But, I digress.

Because he loves the parade, I go. This year's parade was AWESOME. Best parade ever. I run the risk of making local people mad at me, but the parade started, and we waited for it to reach us.

 I said, "Man, that sky looks dark."

However, Tim had it on good authority ( that it was not supposed to rain until later in the day. "No. It's not going to rain," saith the man, with great confidence.
We watched the veterans march by. My friend Pauline said, "We're veterans. We need to be up there." And I said, "Um. What? No." But she's a bit of a free spirit. So off she went to march in the parade.

I envy her a little, her spontanaity, but still, I felt like it was important for someone to stay and hold down the sidewalk. And watch the sky. Those two things.

Anyways, the firetrucks went by, and there ringing the bell on an antique one, was my friend Mr. R, in his Navy uniform. He's nearly 100 years old and I am going to his house for dinner next Tuesday.

Then came the marching band from Cara's high school. We clapped and cheered, but the sky looked pretty ominous. "I never saw a white line like that in the sky, have you?"  I asked to my husband.

I took note of his answer: "Gees. It's not supposed to rain." That did not sound so certain as his previous, "It's not going to rain."

I heard the bagpipers, my favorite part, and then suddenly, the sky just opened up. We ran. There was thunder and lightning, and the rain bucketed down. I ran home. I was soaked to the skin. The parade lasted about 20 minutes, which was just about the perfect length for me. I saw everything I wanted to see. Best parade ever! (This is probably the part that will make the locals mad.)

Anyways, these made me laugh like crazy.


Anonymous said...

Very sneaky Deb to bring on the rain! Loved the Henri videos Barbx

Jayne said...

Glad the bagpipes got heard and you enjoyed the day ;)

BUSH BABE said...

Love how your pics are not really of the parade, but the ominous skies! Funny... I get your point. You must come to ours - once every two years and over and done with in less than an hour (regardless of the weather!)

jeanie said...

I love Henri! Our Eddie is the ginger version. I am not a huge parade fan. Luckily I am the organiser in the family, so it never happens - and I cleverly did not train my daughter up to be in any marching band. Muahaha.

Nancy's Point said...


This was such a fun post to read. Anyone who has a partner does things the partner wants to do just because...and your hubby who was so confident about it not raining, and then not so confident - and rightly so as it turned out! Very funny. Great photos of the sky! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

A Novel Woman said...

I LOVE parades, especially the bagpipes which always make me well up for some reason.

Also, I thought the expression was tidy whities, but I like tighty whities MUCH better!