Friday, July 13, 2012

Decongesting and Domesticity

I'm studying for my certification exam for occupational therapy. I also have (yet again!) another stuffy nose/sinus headache going on. Three times since I started this job. I have decided that it cannot be a cold. Tim never 'catches' it. It must be allergies. So I have begun taking allergy medicine. I have become one with my neti pot. Which does not seem to be helping, at least not yet, although on the upside, I have not died from a fatal brain infection, which would make it harder to study for the certification exam, I imagine.

In any case, I've been wandering about the house trying to figure out what could be the cause of all this. Am I allergic to our house? Am I allergic to something on my job site? The majority of my co-workers are smokers, so it might be that. I don't know, but I'd sure like to find an effective way to get rid of these symptoms.

Tuesday, I went to sit with my friend. She just had surgery, and was having a rough time. I cooked a turkey for them, with lemon and rosemary, something that they could pick at and have plenty of left overs from. She felt it was too much meat for the two of them, so I came home with part of the meat, and the carcass, which she did not want.

She did not want it! That amazed me. You can make excellent broth from a turkey carcass, and so to that end, I dropped it in the crockpot, and let it simmer. The very picture of domesticity, hey?

Rushing about, I managed to pour the hot broth into a freezer container. I then managed to drop the hot broth while moving the container to the freezer, which meant that I also had to manage to give the kitchen a thorough cleaning. Definately not on my list of things to do that day, but I did it anyways.

Kudos to me and my thrifty nature. *rolls eyes*

On that sarcastic note, I'd best drag my snotty self back to my books.


Snoskred said...

Sounds like a cigarette smoke allergy. :( I suffer from the same thing. I've just had 3 days off from work and my sinuses are nearly back to normal - I'll go back tomorrow and they'll react right away.

It isn't just the smoke, there seems to be some kind of residue that lingers wherever smokers are. I cleaned the desks the other day and there was this weird yellow stain which I could not account for. :(

We hot desk so there is little I can do except clean my space regularly and try to steer clear of the smokers especially when they come back inside.

I was once a smoker, took pneumonia to become a non smoker. I'm glad in most ways because cigarettes here - a pack of 25 is now over $25 dollars.

Debby said...

Oh, my goodness! In NY state, cigarettes went up to over $10 a pack, and I thought that was unbelievable. Mostly because, sadly, the people who buy these cigarettes are often the people who can least afford it.

I quit smoking several times in my life, for years at a time. I began smoking once again when my marriage broke apart, and quit for good four years later when my father died of lung cancer.

I noticed right away that being around smokers bothered me. A lot. My mother always insisted it was my imagination.

But I've not smoked in 12 years, and will never smoke again.