Wednesday, June 20, 2012

William Visits.

I had the opportunity to babysit William overnight. It was great fun.

We went to Goodwill. He picked out a bright yellow truck with googly eyes and corn popper action. Great fun! Big smiles!

He waded in a puddle and loved it. Great fun! Big smiles!

He came home, had a snack, and then chased balls around the livingroom. Great fun! Big smiles!

We went outside and rolled the truck downhill several times. Great fun! Big smiles!

Grandpa came home. Great fun! Big smiles!

There was supper, during which little William dozed off. He was layed down for a short nap, but roused up after 45 minutes, because his grandparents definately had plans for sleeping that night.

We went to the playground. There were three little girls who were quite taken with 'the baby'. Great fun! Big smiles!

We went for an ice cream cone and William fed the ducks. Great fun! Big smiles!

We went to the grocery store. Great fun! Big smiles!

We came home and William had yogurt and raisins for a bedtime snack. Great fun! Big smiles!

There was a bubble bath. Great fun! Big smiles!

The power went out. William toddled around in the rapidly fading light, having one last play session with his truck and with his ball ramp, and with his pool noodle, which he likes to swing around. Great fun! Big smiles!

Then it was bedtime. Grandma rocked him for a while. Sensing that something was up, this is about the time when the fecal material hit the rotary oscillator. He began to squirm and howl. He was placed in his little bed which had been set up in the cool library (it has been exceedingly hot here). His grandma sat waiting for him to fall asleep. William cranked it up to full volume for several minutes. Then the power came on, and the ceiling fan started. William is a big fan of ceiling fans. He laid down to watch it in the dim light, and he dozed off almost instantly.

The last time he stayed overnight, he was up at 4:30 for a bottle, so when I woke up at about that time, I slipped out of bed and down the hall to the kitchen to get him a bottle. I sat in the living room and waited for him to wake up so that I could slip him a bottle allowing his grandfather those precious few moments of sleep before the alarm went off. Except that William slept straight on through to 7:30.

He is up now and all smiles. We have watched the birds as we ate our breakfast. He has rung the windchimes repeatedly. He has tossed our balls behind every piece of furniture in the house just to be able to run to grandma with alligator tears and fake sound effects. (Watching grandma crawl around on the floor is apparently some pretty entertaining stuff.)

He's a lot of fun, but goodness! I had forgotten just how much energy is contained in one small form.


Anonymous said...

It's great being a grandma :-) It sounds like you had lots of fun yesterday.

Debby said...

And this morning too.

A Novel Woman said...

My husband's voice is playing in my head right now. "Raisins and other dried fruits act exactly like sticky candy on the teeth. Especially bad before bed, even if you brush the teeth."

However, you are the grandma so feel free to tell me to MMOB and take a long hike in a dark forest. Me? I'm going to feed my grandchildren ice cream sundaes for breakfast if they want them. Assuming I get any. (Grandchildren, not ice creams sundaes. The latter are a given.)

ellie k said...

That sounds wonderful, we have so much more time to enjoy our grand children then we did our own and I love it. our two will be here friday and spend the night with us. we love having them and do all the things they like and cook favorite foods.

Debby said...

Really? Oh jees. You have just hit the grandmother guilt switch, NW. I am now well into screwing up the second generation. :(

A Novel Woman said...

Oh Jeez Louise, ONE night of raisins won't do anything so don't feel guilty. But we've treated kids in the office who have been sent to bed EVERY night for years with a bottle of milk, or who walk around during the day with a bottle of juice or pockets full of raisins (and I mean regularly, not a visit to grandma) and it basically rots their teeth to stumps. It's advice aimed at mamas, not grandmas who can do what they like when they like, as far as I'm concerned. Mine will sleep on pillows made of candy floss.