Monday, June 11, 2012


Ever so slowly, things from my parents' home are migrating to where they will belong in my own home. I rearrange, and move furniture and I am using a hammer on walls, which probably causes Tim to wince a bit.

This has been a productive weekend. I like to stop into the consignment shop, just to browse around. This weekend, we stopped in. I needed polo shirts for work, something w/ short sleeves that looked a bit more professional than a tee shirt. So I picked up five shirts. I also found an entertainment center. Tim did not want it because it was heavy, because we'd have to run home for the truck, because, because, BECAUSE, but because of the wonderful things I does (Think Wizard of Oz) I insisted. We also found a neat coat hook. Christmas ornaments. A toy for William. An antique mirror. Spent $45.00 in one crack, and then went back and spent $15.00 the next day.

Ridiculous, I know. It just gave me more stuff to find a place for.

Since I have to work today, let me get to it!


Jayne said...

I love that kind of shopping!
Sounds like a few bargains :)

Bill of Wasilla said...

I hope that crack was not in the mirror.

BUSH BABE said...

You were on a ROLL!
Tim never stood a chance.