Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pay Day.

Turns out I had a paycheck waiting for me. I thought they'd let me know if I had one. Turns out I was wrong. So I went to work for a three hour meeting, and then had an hour and a half before the start of my shift.

I sat in my car and opened that paycheck, and it was for a lot more money than I've made in a while.
It just seemed like such a momentous thing, to be holding a nice check. Like it ought to be celebrated.

I went to a new Thai restaurant, and I ordered green curry w/ shrimp, on the advice of my waitress. I ate it slowly savoring the flavors, the heat of the food making me sniffle, sipping a big glass of unsweetened ice tea as I watched the traffic go by.

The sweet waitress checked on me sitting peaceably in my corner. The restaurant is new, and there were only four tables. She made a real effort to be attentive. She said to me, "It is good?" I said, "Yes, very good, and she smiled sweetly. "Then I make good recommend?" I smiled right back. "Yes you did."

They serve chinese food as well, and I got a fortune cookie with the check.

I opened it and it said, "Wisdom is knowing the right thing to do. Skill is knowing how to do the right thing. Virtue is doing the right thing." That was a good fortune, I thought.

It was a happy lunch, just me, celebrating myself, and when I left I took my good fortune with me.


Jayne said...

What a lovely surprise and an equally lovely meal :)

Anonymous said...

Love that quote - it applies to so many situations. Seems your job is so good in so many ways. I am very happy for you. Barbx

BUSH BABE said...

Utterly perfect. I raise my chardy to your iced tea! *chink*

jeanie said...

Oh now I want Thai Green Curry - at your restaurant - with you.

Yay to paychecks!!

Kelly said...

This was one of those "made me smile in contentment" posts.

quid said...

Lovely post. Auspicious fortune.

Had I been with you, I would have ordered a garlic/black pepper dish.. my Thai favorite.

I was there in spirit. Congratulations on being paid for what you love to do!