Friday, June 29, 2012


We live on a quiet little brick street and two of our other houses are on the same quiet little brick street, and after a time, you begin to know the people up and down the street. We have many neighbors.

One woman wanted to rent from us, a loud and aggressive woman. She was insistant that she wanted a small apartment for her boyfriend and his child and herself. She was a landlord herself, she explained, but could not live in her own house due to the fact that she was having some repair work done on it. At the same time we had a rental application from the boyfriend, a boy much younger than she was who'd gotten custody of his little daughter and was looking for a place to live. He was very just as adament that this woman was NOT his girlfriend and that she would NOT be living with him. In the meantime, we had the 'girlfriend who was not his girlfriend' calling about our decision. The more she talked, the less sense the situation made, and in the end, we took a deep breath and decided to sidestep the drama. We rented to a sweet natured Indian girl who was a good fit with the other tenants in the building.

In the intervening weeks, the 'girlfriend who is not a girlfriend' sits on the porch of her house which shows no signs of being worked on. She has a new boyfriend. Today we opened the morning paper to read that she had taken $20,000 from her employer over the last month and has vanished. Tim looked across the street and her car is no longer parked in front of the house that is not actually hers but a rental.

We felt glad that we had sidestepped the drama. She portrayed herself as a business woman, financially secure. It was, it turned out, much the same persona she acted out in the local bars. How does a person expect to get away with a crime like this? What is the satisfaction of making people believe that you are something you are not?

People are interesting, aren't they?

Tim and I stopped at a yard sale, seeing a file cabinent that we could use. I also found, of all things, a cobalt blue gravy boat in the shape of an elk which tickled me to no end.

My husband looked at me as if he found me very 'interesting' as well.

But my sort of interesting cost him a mere $2 and my drama is minimal, so there is a difference.


Redneck Geologist said...

No drama and interesting....your husband is lucky! And even hearing about a colbalt blue gravy boat in the shape of an elk tickles me!! I love your stories.

A Novel Woman said...

I have a cow shaped creamer. When you tip it over to pour, milk comes out of the cow's mouth. I also have dishes with feet on them, actual legs and feet. So I think the blue elk gravy boat makes perfect sense.

Dodged a bullet with the renters, no? I rent out our second cottage and I see all kinds of people so I understand. I'm a lot more careful than I used to be.

Reb said...

Isn't it amazing what different levels of drama people put in their lives? I'm with you...give me the $2 variety :)

BUSH BABE said...

Drama is flying about my ears too... not (thankfully) to me but someone nearby. I am not a fan of drama - not the unnecessary, hurt other people kind anyway.

The Grey's Anatomy kind... that's another story!

BUSH BABE said...
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Jayne said...

Thank goodness you didn't get dragged into that mess!
Hope you post a photo of the gravy boat, it sounds 'interesting' :P

Bob said...

Tim has no doubt the valuable lesson the many husbands learn -- the "cost of doing business" with wives. Yours is minimal and the benefits are abundant. He's a blessed man to have such an 'interesting' spouse as you.